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AccuLite SSAV4, Area Ltg Poles, Straight Aluminum
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AccuLite™ SSA Series, square, straight-aluminum area lighting poles are available in multiple heights ranging from 10- to 30-feet and can accommodate up to 4 luminaires. The pole shafts are constructed of seamless extruded tube of 6063 aluminum alloy per ASTM B221. They are full-length heat treated to T-6 temper after welding on the base flange. The shaft itself has no longitudinal welds. Available in bronze, white, or black; offered with a full range of tenon mounting brackets.

  • Square straight-aluminum poles accommodate up to 4 luminaires and are available in heights from 10- to 30-feet
  • Pole shafts are constructed of seamless, extruded aluminum alloy tubing and have no longitudinal welds
  • 4- and 5-inch poles have 2- x 4-inch hand holes, 6- and 6.625-inch poles have 3- x 5-inch hand holes; aluminum cover secured by 2 stainless steel screws
  • Electrical grounding is provided by an internal ground lug with a 3/8-inch hole that is located opposite the hand hole
  • Base plate is a one-piece cast socket of 356 aluminum alloy; circumferentially welded externally at top of flange, internally at bottom of shaft tube
  • Anchor bolts are fabricated from carbon steel bar and have an L bend on 1 end; threaded ends are galvanized per ASTM A153
  • Each anchor bolt is provided with 1 hex nut and 1 flat washer galvanized per ASTM A153