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Lighting Training and Education

The Juno Lighting Group training calendar is filled with classes and learning opportunities year round. Classes include residential, commercial, and retail lighting. We offer classes for those who are new to the industry, and classes for those who are continuing their lighting education.

The training IdeaLab features six room vignettes that simulate real world comparisons of the latest LED luminaires with conventional CFL, HID and incandescent. Our training facilities also include interactive learning displays and color boxes, and hands-on installation ceilings.

2016 Training and Education Courses

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Juno 101
Lighting Essentials
Advanced Residential Lighting
Advanced Residential Lighting Workshop
Commercial and Industrial Lighting
Retail Lighting Design

Continuing Education Credits

Class attendees may apply to their member organization for CEUs by submitting the course agenda along with your certificate of completion.  The number of CEU credits awarded will vary based on the content/agenda of the class attended and the issuing organization.

Custom Training Programs

Contact your local Juno Lighting Group sales representative if you are interested in bringing in a group to our Des Plaines, Illinois or Fishers, Indiana facilities for a custom training program specific to the needs of your organization.




Juno 101 (2-days)
April 5 - 6, 2016
November 8 - 9, 2016

This program is designed to give sales people who are new to the industry and/or to Juno Lighting Group a detailed understanding of the selection, application and installation of Juno-brand Residential Recessed, Trac and Undercabinet products and includes:

  • Detailed product knowledge
  • Installation exercises
  • LED technology update
  • Application tips

Basic Level
Recommended Prerequisite:
Lighting Essentials or equivalent courses and/or work experience.
Click here for Juno 101 Course, April 2016 Registration
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Lighting Essentials (2 days)
May 17 - 18, 2016
September 20 - 21, 2016

Everything you wanted to know about lighting, but were afraid to ask. This seminar will prepare you to ``walk the walk and talk the talk`` in the lighting industry. Don`t know a lumen from a footcandle? This class is for you!

  • Lighting Terminology
  • Color and Vision
  • Lamp and Ballast Technology
  • Fixture Types
  • Deciphering Spec Sheets
  • How do I know how many fixtures I need? Lighting calculations - point and lumen methods

Basic Level
No Prerequisite
Click here for Basic Lighting Essentials Course, May 2016 Registration
Click here for Basic Lighting Essentails Course, September 2016 Registration


Advanced Residential Lighting (2-days)
July 26 - 27, 2016
October 18 - 19, 2016

Go beyond the basics in this class and learn the nuances of Residential Lighting Design!

  • Proper lamp, fixture and trim selection and placement with emphasis on Aculux Precision Recessed Lighting
  • Application tips for ambient, task, accent and decorative lighting
  • How to design cove and undercabinet lighting like a pro
  • Learn the tricks for specialty areas like home theatres, walk-in closets and sloped ceilings.
  • LED technology update

This class is designed for distributors, contractors, specifiers and their sales agents that are involved in the high-end residential business, or those that would like to be!

Let Juno Lighting Group show you how to make any home look like a million bucks - it's all in the lighting!

Intermediate Level
Prerequisite: Lighting Essentials or equivalent courses and/or work experience
Click here for Residential Lighting Course, July 2016 Registration
Click here for Residential Lighting Course, October 2016 Registration


Advanced Residential Lighting Workshop – 
Learning From a Pro: Applications and Specifications (1 Day)
July 28, 2016
October 20, 2016

This one-day hands on workshop is being taught by Peter Romaniello, principal of Conceptual Lighting in South Windsor, Connecticut. In this in-depth class, attendees will learn how to…

  • Analyze residential spaces quickly and effectively in order to light them properly
  • Develop lighting solutions / layouts for various complex lighting situations
  • Select appropriate luminaires and accessories that will accomplish the lighting intent
  • Learn how to identify and find specific fixtures and write proper specifications
  • Learn how to avoid mistakes / problems before fixtures are installed

About Peter Romaniello
Peter began as a theatrical lighting designer in New York City and then moved on to architectural lighting. In 1998, Peter founded his award winning lighting design company, Conceptual Lighting. He has designed lighting systems for close to 2000 residences, along with many restaurants, retail spaces, health care facilities, and houses of worship. He has served as a Regional Vice-President and as a member of the Board of Directors for the Illuminating Engineering Society. Peter has taught many seminars over the years for organizations including the AIA, ASID, NKBA, and the IES, and has been an adjunct professor at University of New Haven and Fairfield University.

Intermediate Level
Prerequisite: Juno Advanced Residential Lighting Class and/or already be experienced in residential lighting design.

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Commercial and Industrial Lighting (2-days)
August 16 - 17, 2016

Learn the “ins and outs” of Commercial and Industrial Lighting from audit to installation. You will learn how to select and apply the following JLG LED products to comply with the latest energy codes while taking full advantage of rebates.

  • Recessed downlights, troffers and specialty products in commercial interiors
  • High bays in industrial applications
  • Parking Garage and Building Security Lighting
  • Exit and Emergency Lighting

Intermediate Level
Prerequisite: Lighting Essentials or equivalent courses and/or work experience
Click here for Commercial and Industrial Lighting Course,
August 2016 Registration


Retail Lighting Design
June 1 - 2, 2016

Effective retail lighting design reinforces a store’s brand image, makes the shopping experience enjoyable and effectively helps to sell merchandise. These goals have never been more challenging to achieve in the context of strict energy codes. In this hands-on class you will learn what constitutes effective retail lighting design, how to squeeze every available watt out of the energy codes and how to apply JLG products to attain superior results. You will learn:

  • About the latest LED technology with an emphasis on color
  • The goals of retail lighting design
  • Retail lighting techniques that can make a store stand out
  • An in depth working understanding of energy codes as they apply to retail lighting
  • How to apply JLG track, recessed and specialty products in retail interiors

Intermediate Level
Prerequisite: Lighting Essentials or equivalent courses and/or work experience
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