Standard Lead Time

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Standard Lead Time

Our goal is to stock the products our customers use regularly and support their make to order needs with industry best delivery cycles.

Service Level Commitments

Stock (Next Day)  We maintain inventory on our shelf in order to fill expected customer orders. Our commitment is these items will ship the next business day or sooner. 

Quick Ship (QS, 3-9 Days) – Expedited shipping commitment on nonstocked “A items” for orders up to a defined maximum order size. Components that are not available in less time than the quick ship commitment period are stocked by JLG. 

Standard Lead Time (SLT, 10-20 Days) – Normal shipping commitment on make to order products for up to a defined maximum order size. 

Request For Commitment  – Required to establish a shipping commitment for make to order products when there is not an established standard lead time, when quantity needed exceeds QS/SLT maximum, or when delivery is required sooner than the QS/SLT date.

Additional Things You Should Know

97% of the 10,600 products we have on Standard Lead Time are available to ship in three weeks or less. 

Agents and Distributors can view the delivery commitments for all Juno Lighting Group products on our ecommerce site (explore JLG).