Environmental Responsibility

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Caring for our environment

The evidence is mounting that climate change poses a serious threat to all of us. Juno Lighting Group is committed to being part of the solution to this potential crisis in two principle ways:

  1. by producing energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting products for our customers
  2. by following policies and practices intended to minimize the environmental impact of our operations.

LEDs to the rescue

Juno Lighting Group has committed to LED technology because it is clearly the gold standard in energy-efficient, eco-friendly lighting. LEDs use as little as 15% of the energy of conventional lighting and offer an ultra-long service life of typically 50,000 hours. They contain no toxic mercury, lead, or PCBs that could pose an environmental hazard. There are no damaging UV rays; no IR beam emissions to create unwanted heat. And LEDs are RoHS compliant.

We believe so strongly in this remarkable technology that we have created a product development group that’s solely dedicated to advancing the state-of-the-art in LED lighting. LEDs permeate each of our six brand offerings, and new products are coming on-line with regularity.

Committed to sustainable solutions

LEDs are only part of the sustainability story at Juno Lighting Group. From fixture design, to light source characteristics, to the materials and processes used in production, environmental considerations are right up front. That’s why CFL and CMH fixtures proliferate throughout our product line, offering substantial energy savings compared to conventional lighting. For track lighting installations, we also offer our current-limiting feeds and subpanels that enable you to design for the exact power requirements of your track system without incurring watts-per-foot “penalties” imposed by many local energy codes.

All of our advanced illumination technologies share a common goal: To help you achieve your lighting objectives and join the drive for energy sustainability. In the process, you can reduce your operating costs and more easily comply with stringent energy codes such as California Title 24 and the many “green” initiatives.

Responsible stewards of the environment

A sustainable environment is everyone’s responsibility. At Juno Lighting Group we are doing our part by reducing our carbon footprint and minimizing the environmental impact of our operations. We have adopted exemplary practices with regard to both our facilities and our products and are committed to RoHS compliance, ISO 14001 certification, and a 10% reduction in facility energy use. Plus, we have paper recycling programs in place that pull over 20 tons per month out of our waste stream.

We are taking full advantage of our lighting expertise by systematically replacing existing fixtures with our latest energy-efficient products. And we also participate in an energy curtailment program that automatically reduces our power consumption during periods of peak demand. At Juno Lighting Group we take our environmental responsibilities very seriously and will continue to pursue policies and programs devoted to resource preservation.