LED End of Life

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LED End of Life Statement February 1, 2012

Juno Lighting Group recognizes that being a steward of our precious environment is the right thing to do for future generations and it is part of our corporate responsibility. We are a leader in bringing LED based products to the general lighting space. LED based products have less impact on the environment than most other lighting technologies. The life of a typical JLG LED product is 50,000 hours or 20X the life of a typical incandescent. Even the best of the alternate technologies of Fluorescent and HID are 2-3X shorter than this. This means less waste. When these products do reach their end of life, these greener products are much safer and easier to recycle. Our LED products do not contain lead, mercury or other toxic heavy metals and this simplifies the disposal process. Most municipalities have programs that assist in the disposal of these items. Additionally, the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) maintains a website with guidelines and information on disposing of these products at www.lamprecycle.org. Juno Lighting Group is an active member of NEMA.