Juno Basics Series Surface Mount LED Fixtures

Affordable and easy-to-install, 4" and 6" fixtures

Posted in News on March 23, 2016

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Easiest to install LED fixture ever... and so affordable!


There’s never been an easier to install LED fixture than this one. The Juno® Basics Series™ Surface Mount LED fixture attaches directly to any standard junction box in two simple steps. No recessed housing required. Take it out of the box, and you’re almost done.


Use it as a downlight or wall sconce. This super-thin fixture fits flush with any flat surface, mimicking the appearance of a recessed fixture. But without the need for a housing, installation time and fixture cost are kept to the bare minimum. This attractive, all-in-one design includes LED light engine, lens, and trim.


Big-time performance plus energy savings


The Juno surface-mount design offers performance and efficiency similar to typical LED recessed fixtures. The 4" 10-watt 4RLS Series is available in a 700 lumen version, while the 6" 6RLS is available in two lumen packages. The 14.5-watt 6RLS Series provides an impressive 1000 lumens, while the 10-watt 6RLS Series offers 750 lumens. These ultra-efficient fixtures provide energy savings of up to 85% compared to equivalent incandescent light sources. They are available in 2700K or 3000K CCTs with excellent 90 CRI minimum color rendering. Dimmable to 5%, they are compatible with many incandescent, magnetic low-voltage or electronic low-voltage dimmers.


Installation could not be easier ... or faster


No need for a recessed housing ... these surface-mount LED fixtures attach to a junction box in just two easy steps, dramatically reducing installation time and labor costs. And their ultra-low profile is ideal for applications where plenum space is severely limited. Alternatively, these compact fixtures can be quickly installed in new or existing, 4" or 5" or 6" recessed housings via a convenient accessory kit.