Juno 4-inch Internally Adjustable LED Fixtures

Downlighting, accent lighting, sloped ceiling or wet location, round or square aperture, it’s the one fixture for all your needs — now and in years to come.

Posted in News on April 27, 2016

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Juno 4-inch internally adjustable LED fixtures are agents of change. Imagine just about any change in room décor or interior design you might desire, and these fixtures are ready to respond.


Let’s say you would like to change the trim.

Instead of having the trim integrated with the light source, trims for these fixtures are sold separately.

You can change color, style, or type anytime you want without needing to replace the entire luminaire. And there are a bevy of trims to choose from.



Want to adjust the light beam?

These fixtures offer internal adjustability of up to 35°vertical and 360° rotation so that light can be directed where needed. There are no mechanical parts below the ceiling plane ... just a beautifully made fixture that blends seamlessly into the ceiling. Redirect the light pattern anytime a change is desired.



Changing the beam spread is easy, too.

High-precision TIR optics are field interchangeable. The fixture series offers a 40° flood, a 30° narrow flood or 18° spot – all easy to switch out when your lighting design needs change.


The fact is, these fixtures are all about change and adaptability. The dimmable drivers enable change to lumen output to alter light intensity and mood. The media holder accepts a wide variety of lenses, films, and filters, permitting unlimited changes to lighting effects.


Features include:

  • 35° Vertical adjustment with patent pending slider mechanism for precise aiming
  • Interchangeable TIR optics in 18° Spot; 30°Narrow Flood or 40° Flood distributions
  • Two lumen packages delivering either 700 or 1000 lumens from 10.5-watts or 16.4-watts respectively -- delivering up to and exceeding 80 LPW with 90 CRI as standard
  • Dimmable LED drivers in dedicated 120V or universal voltage versions
  • Superior fixture-to-fixture color uniformity within a three-step MacAdam Ellipse
  • ENERGY STAR® Qualified and certified to meet the high efficacy requirements of California Title 24

If you want stylish, efficient fixtures that are capable of responding to all your current needs, whether residential or commercial, you won’t find a better solution than Juno 4-inch internally adjustable LED fixtures.