Indy Generation 3 Multi-Head LED Luminaires

Attractive, versatile, ultra-efficient LED accent lighting

Posted in News on April 12, 2016

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Indy Multi-Spot and Designer Cove multi-head LED luminaires provide attractive, versatile, and ultra-efficient accent lighting in retail applications.


Quality, flexibility, and good looks have endeared Indy Multi-Head LED luminaires to retailers, designers, and installers alike. With the introduction of the new Generation 3 series, Indy Multi-Head LEDs now offer more performance and efficiency than ever before. The 34W version of these fixtures produces up to 3074 delivered lumens per head, with efficacies of up to 89lm/W. Rated service life is a remarkable 50,000 hours at 70-percent lumen maintenance.

Two stellar models

Luminaires can be configured with 1, 2, or 3 LED heads; total delivered lumen output per fixture with 34W LED heads can reach 9,000lm.

Indy Multi-Head LED luminaires are available in two distinctive designs that are ideal for retail accent lighting. The Designer Cove™ open-aperture and Multi-Spot® closed-pan luminaires feature one, two, or three LED heads. The 1000 lumen version approximates the output of 75W PAR30 halogen while using about 80-percent less energy. The 2000 & 3000 lumen version approximates the output of 39W PAR30 and 70W T4 metal halide, also using signficantly less energy. Depending on specified CCT, total fixture output can be as high as 9,000 lumens with up to 85-percent energy savings compared to halogen. The choice of color temperatures includes 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, and 4000K with 80 CRI standard, 97 CRI or SpectralWhite optional.


Juno Lighting Group's new SpectralWhite, Color/White Enhancing Option, renders richer, more vibrant color and makes whites appear naturally brilliant and vivid.

Designer Cove LED luminaires offer a versatile open aperture with pull-down yokes that permit LED heads to tilt 75-degrees. Available trimless or with flanged trim.

Multi-Spot LED luminaires feature an attractive closed-pan design and offer optional snoots on the LED heads for improved shielding.


Multi-Spot LED heads can be rotated 360-degrees and tilted 40-degrees. Designer Cove LED heads can be rotated 360-degrees and feature a pull-down yoke assembly that permits up to 75-degrees tilt in the semi-recessed position. Both models are available with beam spreads of 10-degrees (spot), 23-degrees (narrow flood), or 42-degrees (flood). Removable LED heads with quick-disconnects provide easy maintenance, upgrades, or modification of beam spreads and CCTs. 


Click on the link to download a brochure describing the new Indy Generation 3 Multi-Head LED luminaires.