Indy Generation 3 L-Series LED Luminaire Family

Upgrade existing 6", 8", 9", 10", and 12" fixtures with LED retrofit kits

Posted in News on February 05, 2016

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New L-Series LED retrofits upgrade existing 6", 8", 9", 10", and 12" fixtures to ultra-efficient LED illumination.

L-Series LED retrofits
are available with unique hyperbolic
reflectors that create "silent" ceilings and maximize light output.

The Indy L-Series is a comprehensive family of highly advanced luminaires optimized for LED light sources covering downlighting, wall washing, adjustable accents, and cylinders. Among the many solutions are high-performance retrofit kits designed to easily and economically upgrade nearly any existing recessed commercial fixture to state-of-the-art LED lighting.


The latest addition to the retrofit series features 9", 10", and 12" kits for upgrading the larger-size incandescent, CFL, or HID fixtures found in many high-ceiling applications. Eighteen different lumen packages deliver high-quality, brilliant-white, LED light from 800 up to 9,000 lumens, while reducing annual operating costs by up to 80% compared to equivalent CFL or CMH. They are available in CCTs of 2700K, 3000K, 3500K, or 4000K and offer exceptionally consistent fixture-to-fixture color temperatures within 3 SDCM. Standard color rendering is excellent at 80 CRI minimum, with 90 CRI optional and 97 CRI available on select lumen packages and CCTs.


LED retrofits can be installed from
below ceiling level in four easy steps.

All Indy Generation 3 L-Series LED retrofit kits — available for 6" and 8" fixtures as well as the new 9", 10", and 12" sizes — are easy to install from below ceiling level. Each kit contains everything required for a complete installation, including heatsink and housing assembly, LED driver box, retaining clips, and conduit quick-connects for heavier housings. Reflectors are ordered separately and are offered in either parabolic shapes or the unique hyperbolic design that optimizes fixture efficiency while creating glare-free "silent" ceilings. An extensive selection of optional accessories includes the patent pending, Lumen Depreciation Indicator (LDI) that informs maintenance personal when it is time to replace LEDs that have reached the end of their rated service life of 50,000 hours.


It's all in the family


The new 9", 10", and 12" retrofits are part of the Indy L-Series product line, offering a fully coordinated family of LED fixtures. From color rendering to aperture sizes and trim finishes, each luminaire is completely consistent across all fixture types and styles. Now you can achieve a totally homogeneous look and uniform LED performance regardless of application. New construction and Remodel L-Series LED luminaires include 4", 6", and 8" aperture sizes with a multitude of lumen packages up to 9,000 lumens. Glare-free hyperbolic downlights; single, double, or corner wall washers; and open-ceiling cylinder fixtures are just a few of the entries in this comprehensive collection. Because they share so many common components, Indy L-Series LED luminaires are easy to learn and specify, easy to upgrade and maintain, and easy to choose.