DanaLite FlexConnect™ Architectural Linear LED Lighting System

Flexible LED lighting that can be cut, shaped, and reconnected in the field

Posted in News on September 21, 2016

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DanaLite FlexConnect Indoor/Outdoor Applications

DanaLite FlexConnect - flex, cut, reconnectFlex it ... cut it, reconnect it! DanaLite FlexConnect is the industry’s most versatile LED linear lighting system.

DanaLite FlexConnect LED Lighting Systems provide quality, economical architectural-grade linear lighting in a flexible format. Highly customizable, they can be field-cut in 6-inch increments and re-used/reconnected using patent-pending embedded connectors. Configuration possibility are virtually endless utilizing a variety of electrical feeds, modular connectors and mounting channels.



DanaLite FlexConnect - format optionsFor superior performance and quality of light, look no further than DanaLite FlexConnect LED luminaires.

Available in Indoor (SL) or Indoor/Outdoor (SLW) versions, DanaLite FlexConnect luminaires can produce up to 450 lumens per foot in CCTs of 2200K, 2700K, 3000K, 3500K and 4000K. But, superior color rendering and consistency really set them apart from the rest. The proprietary (patent-pending) UV-stable optical pigment maintains color and prevents color shift. Onboard current regulators – in each 6-inch section – also assure consistent output throughout the run. Quality features like these make DanaLite FlexConnect the clear industry leader in quality and performance.



DanaLite FlexConnect - connector and mounting options

DanaLite FlexConnect systems are easy to configure and install. Customize a system using a variety of electrical feeds and modular connectors to suit your application. A variety of aluminum channels are available for custom mounting or basic mounting clips to directly mount the LEDs strips. No other linear lighting system provides this many installation options.