Aculux 2-Inch LED Precision Luminaires

2-inch downlights, wall washers, adjustable accents and multiples

Posted in News on February 18, 2015

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Aculux 2-inch LED luminaires provide downlight, wall wash, or adjustable accent lighting in a small, discreet package.

With the diminutive 2-inch Aculux LED precision luminaire you can have all the performance of a conventional 6-inch luminaire … and more. This discreet, aesthetically stunning package delivers up to 1,000 lumens of high-precision downlighting, wall washing, or adjustable accent lighting. In addition, 2" Aculux precision recessed square multiples are available in 1, 2, and 3 head configurations. Its state-of-the-art LED technology offers superb, color-consistent light with energy-saving efficacies of up to 70lm/W. Round and square apertures provide exceptional beam control and feature four field-interchangeable optics.



Comparing 2-inch and 6-inch

2-inch LED luminaires are virtually invisible compared to larger CFL or CMH fixtures and consume about
45-percent less energy while lasting 4-5 times longer.


Reflector and illustration of light distribution

Extensive trim options include exclusive hyperbolic reflector that eliminates glare and produces wide distribution.


Square Multiples, a 2014 Next Generation Luminaire Winner

Offering application flexibly with the award winning multi-head LED luminaires.



Small luminaire makes a big impression

Advanced optical design is one of the reasons 2-inch Aculux LED luminaires are able to match the performance of larger fixtures. An extremely efficient optical system provides superior beam control and is offered with field-interchangeable optics of 18-degree spot, 24-degree narrow flood, 35-degree flood, and 45-degree wide flood. Optics are as easy to change as replacing a conventional lamp. These luminaires feature an extensive collection of trims including downlight, wall wash, adjustable, and pinhole trims, as well as our exclusive, patent-pending hyperbolic reflectors that virtually eliminate glare.



Illustration of built-in precision gearing

Acu-Aim feature includes 365-degree gear rotation (1) and
40-degree hot vertical adjustment (2) for pinpoint accurate aiming.


Precision lighting at its best

In addition to big-time lighting performance, 2-inch Aculux LED luminaires deliver the complete range of precision adjustments that the Aculux brand is famous for. Acu-Aim™ precision gearing provides 365-degrees of horizontal rotation and 40-degrees vertical hot adjustment. And the Tru-Line™ platform offers unique alignment capabilities to facilitate precision installations.


Now available with nLight®

nLight is a networked digital control system that provides both energy savings and increased user configurability by cost effectively integrating time-based, daylight-based, sensor-based and manual lighting control schemes.